Whiskey set for 6 persons "Forest animals"

  • Whiskey set for 6 persons
  • Whiskey set for 6 persons
  • Whiskey set for 6 persons
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    "Forest animals": a set for hunters and just business people

    It is hardly worth arguing with the fact that nowadays whiskey is one of the most famous alcoholic beverages in the world. In the language of the ancient Irish, the word "whiskey" meant "living water". And today, without this fragrant drink, it is difficult to imagine a relaxed atmosphere of business negotiations or a friendly meeting of business partners. However, the consumption of whiskey involves the observance of a certain ritual. It requires not just a competent approach, but also the use of decent dishes. We present to your attention a set of 6 glasses and a decorative tray of the "Forest Animals" series.

    "Hunting" notes in the set

    The set will easily create a special confidential atmosphere for a serious male conversation about work and hobbies. This unique handmade product of Czech and Zlatoust masters is made in a classic hunting style.

    The glasses are a unique mix of Czech glass and gilded brass. At first, each of the 6 products underwent a painstaking manufacturing process by the hands of Czech glassblowers and decoration by designers. On the glass surface of each of the 6 glasses there is a forest animal, hand-engraved by Czech craftsmen. Then Zlatoust jewelers of the ZlatPresent factory decorated this set with gold and cubic zirconia, creating a real exclusive masterpiece.

    The mystery of the whiskey consumption ritual

    The glass fits comfortably in your hand, but it is best to hold it by the lower, gilded part. Whiskey is drunk in small sips and for a long time they keep the drink in their mouth in order to better taste its unique taste.

    As a rule, when serving, the glass is filled with an alcoholic drink by one third and served chilled, but not cold. Cool whiskey will warm from the palm of your hand, while its aroma will become brighter and richer. So there will be an opportunity to fully enjoy this alcoholic drink.

    Whiskey is a drink that people like not only to drink, but also to enjoy its golden overflows. Therefore, Czech glass deserves special attention, which in the set "Forest Animals" has acquired an unusual blue shade.

    Master gunsmiths have put their hand to decorating products with gold and original drawings and ornaments. The lower part of the glasses, as well as the tray with forest motifs, are artfully decorated in the technique of Zlatoust engraving on metal. It belongs to the category of original folk crafts, the roots of which go back to the beginning of the 19th century. The tray is also decorated with cubic zirconia, floral ornaments and engraving in the style of the set.

    Decorative part

    The cup holders and tray are cast from a high-quality brass metal alloy. This material has been used since ancient times by Zlatoust jewelers as one of the main ones in creating masterpieces. It is brass that allows metal artists to create luxurious decorative elements, household items, exclusive tableware. Casting, as a rule, is performed according to the author's sketch. The surface of the products is decorated by hand with an expanded author's floral ornament.

    Zlatoust engraving is created in several stages:

    • first – turning work;
    • then drawing with a brush;
    • engraving with a needle on varnish;
    • engraving with a cutter;
    • etching;
    • polishing.

    In order to highlight the beauty of the design, to make certain details clearer, nickel plating, enameling, gilding are used. The highest grade gold is used for gilding – 999.9.

    Gift set

    Whiskey is considered an afternoon drink, which is the best way to have friendly meetings, conversations, reflections. Therefore, by purchasing a whiskey set for 6 people for yourself or as a gift, you can be sure of purchasing a wonderful addition for a friendly meeting with relatives or comrades or for a business constructive conversation.

    Due to the uniqueness of this product, the set "Forest Animals" is an ideal option for a beautiful and functional gift for:

    • best friend;
    • work colleague;
    • a respected leader;
    • a reliable business partner;
    • a guest;
    • and just a wealthy person for any suitable occasion.

    It will be very useful to present this gift to:

    • wedding;
    • anniversary;
    • housewarming;
    • Birthday;
    • as a memorable gift for any personal and professional holiday.

    The gift set is completed with a case made of wood with a silk backing. This gift can become a relic that will be appreciated by future generations. After all, the products of the Zlatoust masters do not know time, will never go out of fashion and will become a wonderful collector's exhibit.

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    MaterialsGold, Nickel, Brass
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