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  • Vodka set «Bearskin»
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    «Bearskin» - a set worthy of a male winner

    Russian vodka is a native Russian drink and one of the most important symbols of Russian culture. This is the first strong alcohol known to mankind. Russians extol this drink and popularize it abroad in every possible way. Therefore, it is quite obvious that every Russian person should have a vodka set. Zlatoust masters have long mastered the category of tableware and have been making unique and memorable sets for decades. One of these is presented to your attention - vodka set "Bear Skin". It consists of:

    • unique stand with silver bas-relief;
    • 3 shot glasses (wild boar, sheep, black grouse.);
    • gilded decanter.

    Stand for vodka set

    A truly masculine souvenir – vodka set "Bear Skin" - is a wonderful gift for hunters, fishermen and people leading an active lifestyle. This is a souvenir for a purely male company with a thematic image of the skin of a slain bear. The stand with a diameter of almost 30 cm is made of light wood veneer. It is crowned with 5 abstract carved plates decorated with an expanded floral ornament to match the style of the entire composition. The plates look very contrasting on the wood against the wood background and resemble ornate flames: like a bonfire on the river bank.

    The central element of the whole composition, of course, is the silver bear skin. It can often be found in the country houses of professional hunters. A rifle and a hunting bag are engraved on top of it, as a symbol of victory over a formidable beast. The bear was chosen as the central part of this exhibition not by chance. It symbolizes endurance, strength, unpredictability. The bear's skin is drawn to the smallest detail and it seems that it is a reduced copy of the real skin several times.

    Bottle and glasses

    Practical elements of the set are flip glasses and a unique bottle of its kind. Vodka glasses and decanter made of Bohemian glass with unique carved patterns and hunting scenes will turn any friendly party into a served feast. The decanter is finished with gilding in separate elements. Special attention should be paid to the damask lid, which is a real work of art. Made in the technique of Zlatoust engraving, the lid has passed through dozens of professional hands. As a result, we see not just a damask, but a unique and inimitable author's product.

    The glasses are made in the style of Russian Art Nouveau and attract attention with carved boar, black grouse and ram heads. The figures of the heads reflect all the artistic skill of the goldsmiths of Zlatoust. Impeccable accuracy and accuracy are visible in every relief detail of both the bear itself and the animal heads of glasses, damask. Shot glasses made with the heads of these animals cannot be ignored if they are already displayed on the table. The design of the glasses is thought out to the smallest detail – they maintain a stable position both in a straight and in an inverted position.

    Interior decoration

    When choosing a gift for a man, give preference to exclusive things of high quality in all respects. After all, such dishes only become more expensive over time, since they have a high jewelry value. The Bear Skin set is perfect as a memorable gift to a boss, friend, work colleague or partner. It will be appreciated by fans of rare author's products, who are always "for" to replenish their collection. The set is ideal as a gift for a good friend, a respected leader and just a beloved man.

    Beautiful and unusual hunting scenes on the decanter, familiar to every professional hunter, combined with the unique beauty of the Zlatoust engraving create an excellent ensemble. The set will delight and amaze the owner for many years with its pristine appearance. This is a wonderful gift for those who seek to drink alcoholic beverages from expensive fine tableware, getting not only physical, but also moral, aesthetic pleasure from the drink.

    A unique and useful gift

    If you want to surprise a glorious hero in a man's company, treat him to his favorite alcoholic drink from the "Bear Skin" set. This decorative expensive set will decorate any feast and even the interior, just being in a prominent place. A set of glasses with a carved damask will make a vivid impression on the guests of the house, complement the atmosphere of a study or a recreation room with notes of luxury. A set of three glasses and a damask on a unique stand perfectly conveys the atmosphere of male courage and fearlessness. Ideal for presenting as a gift on New Year, on any personal or professional holiday and, of course, luxury gift for hunter.

    decanter volume 300 ml

    base diameter 277 mm

  • Features
    MaterialsGold, Nickel, Brass, Silver
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