Jewelry box made of lapis lazuli "Treasure of the ocean"

  • Jewelry box made of lapis lazuli
  • Jewelry box made of lapis lazuli
  • Jewelry box made of lapis lazuli
  • Jewelry box made of lapis lazuli
  • Description
    A jewelry box for storing jewelry, family photos, documents, and other valuables in itself should be beautiful, expensive, and professionally made. Jewelry boxes were a traditional wedding gift, and the girl could also keep a casket with valuable items from a young age.

    The box is designed for storing jewelry and expensive things. Convenient design with a simple lock. Jewelry decoration by the hands of masters of Zlatoust. Initially, the caskets existed for storing clothes, but then the accessory changed, became miniature. Now they are stored in caskets:

    • jewelry of any size — from small rings or earrings to massive necklaces;
    • cash;
    • photos, documents.

    In any home, the product will be a useful accessory. You can put your passport, diploma, and much more in it.

    Lapis lazuli: marine theme

    Lapis lazuli is mentioned by chroniclers in eastern, European sources. The name comes from an Arabic word meaning "blue". This is a durable, plastic, while always looking great stone. It has such properties as:

    1. Unique appearance — each stone has an individual pattern, no two are the same, so the accessory will be completely unique.
    2. Excellent aesthetics — lapis lazuli is really very beautiful.
    3. With protective properties, astrologers recommended that everyone keep at least a small mineral at home, because it protects against negative energy, "cleanses" the living space.

    Lapis lazuli casket, according to beliefs, is able to remove "dark emanations" from jewelry. Wearable items - earrings, rings, chains, bracelets, tend to accumulate negativity from the person himself or his detractors over time. Lapis lazuli is able to purify this energy.

    A handmade product will be a wonderful gift for a woman. It will please the hostess with aesthetics and functionality. In addition to the mineral, pearls, jewelry enamel, brass and nickel are used. On the casket there is a drawing in a marine theme, which is the best fit for a beautiful blue stone.

  • Features
    MaterialsGold, Nickel, Jewelry enamel, Lapis Lazuli, Pearl, Brass
    Weight1.2 kg
    Length12 cm
    Width9.5 cm
    Height8.5 cm
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