Bible in gold binding

  • Bible in gold binding
  • Bible in gold binding
  • Bible in gold binding
  • Bible in gold binding
  • Bible in gold binding
  • Bible in gold binding
  • Bible in gold binding
  • Bible in gold binding
  • Bible in gold binding
  • Description

    The tradition of luxurious design of sacred books is one of the most ancient. Many Christian theologians believed that gold, silver and precious stones should not be spent on "worldly" affairs - on ordinary jewelry that only amuses vanity and indulges human pride. But being used in the design of sacred books, precious metals and stones not only occupy a truly worthy place, where they will cause not envy or greed, but a feeling of beauty, purity and spirituality, but also give a worthy appearance to the sacred book itself.

    These traditions have existed since the first editions of the Bible, and have survived to this day, so the Bible in gold binding with cubic zirkonia can be an ideal gift for a believing Christian, even if he is a modest person who does not like to emphasize his well-being.

    Traditions of souvenir decoration of the Bible

    Theologians believe that the Bible should be in every home. This is not just a book that is read once or several times in life, and then forgotten or it is on the shelf "for beauty". Each believer turns to the Bible depending on the occurrence of various life situations, the texts of Scripture can help in difficult trials and add even more joy if everything is fine around. Experts in theology believe that anyone who considers himself a believing Christian is obliged to spend at least half an hour a day reading the sacred books, understanding and comprehending the wisdom and Word of God. There are main opinions of modern theologians:

    • There is both Holy Scripture and Holy Tradition. Scripture is the Bible itself, all the books that have been recognized as classics and included in the Old or New Testament. These texts remain unchanged for centuries and even millennia, translators are required to maintain maximum accuracy, without distorting the meaning and without allowing discrepancies. Sacred Tradition is sermons, conversations with priests and other "active social life" within the framework of religious beliefs.
    • While any lay person - that is, a person who has not assumed the clergy - should attend church ideally at least once a week, on Sundays, this does not replace reading the Bible on their own. Each person is obliged to comprehend the Wisdom of God himself, to ask questions. With these questions, you can then come to the priest to explain and clarify some aspects that are difficult for a layman.
    • Theologians recommend teaching children to read the Bible from an early age. This Book can be a good moral compass even if one does not consider oneself religious in the future. At the same time, it is recommended to make sure that reading and studying the Bible does not become an unpleasant duty for a child, but is accompanied by positive emotions and joyful moments.
    • A personal Bible is an indispensable book in the home of any believer, and its appearance plays an important role in how attitudes towards Scripture are formed. A beautiful and solemn book will evoke involuntary awe and splendor, which is appropriate in this situation.

    Thus, a souvenir Bible is not only a great gift for a believer, but also a gift to a young family: at the same time parting words with the wishes of a blessed and happy life, blessing future children. The child himself will also like the gold finish, it will evoke the necessary emotions, associations with beauty, luxury, nobility and light. In any believing family, a souvenir Bible will be in its place.

    Gold-bound Bible features

    We offer to buy a unique Bible in a souvenir design - a real masterpiece of artistic and jewelry craftsmanship. The thematic design is developed taking into account all church canons, so the book looks solemn and sublime. Among the nuances of the work:

    • Completely Handmade;
    • 24K Gold plated;
    • Cubic zirkonia 61 pcs;
    • Brass for inserts and individual elements.

    This piece of craftsmanship and creativity, combined with beauty and elegance, is sure to please the recipient if presented with a souvenir Bible as a gift. Due to the highest quality, the product will last for many years, it can be actively used for reading and prayer, and not just put on the shelf.

    If you are in doubt about what gift to buy for a loved one, friend, young family for a wedding, especially if it is accompanied by a church wedding, then such an edition of the Bible will be the best gift. It is also perfect as a more formal gift - to colleagues, bosses, business partners, if it is known that the addressee adheres to the Christian faith. A versatile, valuable and worthy gift will be highly appreciated by those who receive it.

  • Features
    MaterialsGold, Cubic zirconia, Brass
    Length245 mm
    Width185 mm
    Height75 mm
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